What is The Pillow?

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The Pillow is an anti-wrinkle breast pillow or pillow bra that prevents your breasts from rubbing against one another. Typically this friction will cause tenderness, stretching, wrinkles, and discomfort during the day and while sleeping. The Pillow is a comfortable solution to these problems! It reduces wrinkles, provides additional support to your chests, and is comfortable to wear. 

A Comfortable Way to a Smoother Decolletage

Supports Sagging Breasts

Reduces cleavage Wrinkles For A Smoother Decolletage

Perfect for tender situations such as pregnancy, breast feeding, and periods

Less Bulky Than Other Pillows

Comfortable to Wear and Sleep In. Great for Side Sleepers!

Extra Wide Straps For A More Comfortable Pillow

BeauBiful's The Pillow is proudly made in the USA with High Quality Materials

Free Shipping within the usa and a generous 21-day return policy

Adjustable Straps for Extra Comfort

Easy to Use and Wear

Our breast pillow features fully adjustable straps. There are five points where the straps are adjustable. These are the two upper straps, the center, and the two lower straps. 

Unlike other breast pillows, the straps are extra wide and double in length to fit most women. There are extenders available if needed. The breast pillow can easily be covered up by most shirts and is less bulky than other breast pillows.

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