Who can benefit from The Pillow?

The Pillow is perfect for any woman who needs additional breast support. By using our breast pillow, you can eliminate or reduce chest wrinkles and provide additional support to your breasts and the decolletage. 

The Pillow is perfect for tender situations. If your breasts are tender from breastfeeding, periods, or pregnancy, then it can provide relief!

How does the breast pillow work?

While going about your day and while sleeping at night, your breasts will rub together and create friction. This friction can cause unwanted lines, wrinkles, and discoloration on the tender skin of the decolletage. The Pillow goes between your breasts and prevents them from rubbing together.

Can I sleep while wearing the breast pillow?

Yes! The breast pillow is perfect for side sleepers or if your breasts are tender. 

How do I put it on?

It’s easy to wear our breast pillow! Simple slide it on over your head, adjust the straps, and attach the hooks on both sides.