Let’s talk about Silicon Patches!

Have you ever had the problem of using silicon patches on your chest, only to have them move out of place while you sleep? Silicon patches are great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Unfortunately, for side sleepers, the silicon patches do not stay in place.

The Pillow is designed to keep breasts separated at night and can also help a chest silicone patch stay in place while you are sleeping by providing a stable surface for the patch to adhere to.

When sleeping on your side, the pressure from one breast can cause the patch to shift or move, leading to discomfort or even falling off. The Pillow from BeauBiful Bras will keep the silicon chest patch in place while you sleep. The silicon patch and The Pillow are a wonderful combination that will have your chest smoother in no time!

Why do silicone patches work for wrinkles?

The patches are made from medical-grade silicone, which creates the perfect environment to hold moisture in the skin. It doesn’t allow outside air to get to the skin, and draws moisture from the skin, creating a plumping effect in the affected area. For this to happen, it needs to stay in place while you sleep. The Pillow helps to hold the silicon patch against your chest, even when sleeping on your side.

The silicon patches stimulate collagen production and blood flow. As a result, there is an immediate effect of them from the first night you use them because the skin has not been able to wrinkle! Then, because of the hydration and collagen production you will enjoy increasing results overtime.

Why is The Pillow from BeauBiful Bras necessary for the Silicon Patch to work?

The silicon patch cannot work if it doesn’t stay on. The Pillow is designed to keep breasts separated at night and can also provide a comfortable and effective solution for women who need to wear a chest silicone patch while sleeping. It can help to keep the patch in place and prevent discomfort, while also promoting a good night’s sleep. It provides a comfortable and stable surface for both breasts, helping to distribute the
pressure evenly across the chest. This can reduce the likelihood of the silicone patch moving or shifting during sleep, as it has a more stable surface to adhere to.

In addition, The Pillow can also help to prevent the breasts from touching, which can further reduce the risk of the silicone patch moving or becoming dislodged. This can be especially important for women who are wearing the patch for medical or cosmetic reasons, as they need it to stay in place in order to achieve the desired result.

As we previously discussed in the last blog, a lot of women wear a sports bra to bed to support the breasts. A sports bra is wonderful for support, but they push the breasts up and together and that causes chest wrinkles. Wearing The Pillow with the sports bra will prevent the breasts from being pushed together reducing the appearance and preventing future wrinkles. The addition of the silicon patch will help to smooth out the wrinkles that already exist!

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