Let’s Talk Sleep Bras

Are you one of the 40% of women that wear sleep bras to bed for added support and comfort? Then you need The Pillow by BeauBiful Bras!

You need to know this!

40% of women wear sleep bras to bed! Sleep bras provide support but do not stop the breasts from rubbing together when sleeping on your side or stomach. This friction causes chest wrinkles. The Pillow fits under most sleep bras and provides the separation needed to comfortably keep your breasts in place during the tossing and turning that occurs while we sleep.

Avoid underwire bras for nighttime in order to prevent bad circulations and make sure your breasts have room to grow. The Pillow is wireless.

Not wearing any kind of bra during sleep can cause irreversible damage our breasts.

Wearing The Pillow under a sleep bra provides all the support, comfort, and separation you need for a great night’s sleep.

What is a sleep bra?

While we wear bras during the day to support our breasts, we are completely bra-free at night, and this is very damaging to our breasts. Since most of us either toss and turn in our sleep, or sleep on our sides or stomach, it is important to keep your breasts in place to prevent them from becoming misshaped, or even shrinking in size. Your breasts will stay in place in any position with the combination of a sleep bra and The Pillow.

Why wear a sleep bra? Because it is very important!

Have you heard of Cooper’s ligaments? They are connective tissues in the breast that help maintain structural integrity. The breast tissue is heavier than the surrounding fat, so it sags under its own weight and loses its normal shape and contour without the support of this ligament. It is very delicate and can easily be stretched or torn and once that happens, it can’t be undone. In addition, tears in your Cooper’s ligaments, cause your breasts to become more and more saggy. This is why it is very important to wear a sleep bra and The Pillow!

Why are normal bras unsuitable for sleep?

Wearing a bra during the day is good. Sleeping in the bra you wore during the day is bad. Regular bras are not made to support the breasts during all the tossing and turning and side sleeping that occurs during the night. Underwire bras can damage the breasts if worn to bed.

Do you have to lift your breasts up to put it into your day bra? Gravity works on our breasts during the day pulling them down toward the ground. They also fall off to the side when you lie down. A sleep bra in combination with The Pillow specifically supports the different movements your breasts make during sleeping.

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